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Greenbone Security Manager - Maven

(Code: GB-MAVEN)
£ 2,139.53
GSM MAVEN is the virtual solution for the smallest IT infrastructures and small businesses that occasionally need a simple tool to scan their infrastructure.

•Turnkey solution: Commissioning within 10 minutes
•Integrated Greenbone Security Assistant as central web interface
•Includes full API capabilities
•Multi-user capable

•Integrated update
•Integrated API
•All user actions of the web-based interface available
•Easy integration with other applications
•Coverage of up to 300 IPs within 24 hours

Web based interface (HTTPS)
•Management of scan tasks with notes and false positive markings
•Support for multi-user operation
•Report review with filtering, sorting, notes and risk classification
•Plugin framework for reports: XML, PDF, …
•Performance overview of the appliance.