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FortiToken Mobile Licences for 5 Users

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  1. #About#
    Fortinet FortiToken Mobile
    Passwords alone don't keep unwanted guests out of your network. Password-only authentication leads to security breaches, malware infections and violations of policy. Two-factor authentication provides far better security than passwords alone by adding another layer of security to user authentication processes.

    With FortiToken Mobile, authorised employees can access company resources safely using a variety of different devices, ranging from laptops to mobile phones. The FortiToken application for iOS or Android acts like a hardware token but utilises the hardware that users carry on them on a daily basis.

    Buy FortiToken tokens today for strong authentication at your fingertips.
  2. #Specification#
    Software one-time password tokens for iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices.

    Perpetual licenses for 5 users. Electronic license certificate.

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