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Fortinet Firewall Health Check

Our firewall Health Check service allows your business to have unprecedented faith in the quality and standard of your firewall systems. Nouveau offers a fully certified security consultant with extensive experience as your firewall inspector so you can be sure we won't miss the smallest of issues.

Why would you want a Firewall Health Check?

There are many reasons your business may be in need of a firewall health check - it not only allows you to discover any issues with your system but provides you with a better understanding of what your firewall has to offer:

  • Your organisation has changed - the firewall may not be meeting the needs of the business anymore.
  • Firewall rules have changed since you had yours installed and they may no longer adhere to best practice.
  • Organisations are often unaware what their firewall is doing.
  • Organisations often lack understanding of the traffic traversing their firewall and the protocols and applications that make up the traffic.
  • Firewall services availability, resilience and risk assessments are often lacking.
  • The firewall may have additional features which could improve security or the functionality of the firewall.
  • Mitigate risk and increase peace of mind with expert validation of the firewall function.
  • Ensure your firewall meets PCI Compliance and not using non-compliant (SSLv3 and TLS1)

Fortinet Firewall Health Check
£ 654.00
Fortinet Firewall Health Check for FortiGate boxes sized between FG-20 and FG-98

A Firewall Health Check from one of Nouveau's fully certified security consultants allows your organisation to have unprecidented faith in the quality and standard of your firewall systems.